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SPONSOR: support creativity « Invented In Utah
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SPONSOR: support creativity

Interested in sponsoring iiU 2010? Contact us today to request a iiU 2010 Sponsor Benefits sheet.

‘Invented in Utah’ 2010 Host Sponsors:

Rocketship is an industrial design and product development firm located in Provo, Utah.  Rocketship can help you take your invention from idea to reality through product design and manufacturing excellence. From concept to product launch, Rocketship covers every detail creating success strategies for your product venture.

Visit the Rocketship website for more information.

Utah CEO.

Utah CEO: Since 2007, when Utah CEO launched into the business community, we have been providing timely and relevant information on doing business in Utah. We do this to help you better navigate the rapid changes occuring on Utah’s economic landscape. Utah is a state based on business, industry and innovation, and Utah CEO delivers the content its business leaders need to know and to grow.

Visit the Utah CEO website for more information.


The Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum is a volunteer non-profit support group connecting entrepreneurs to Money, Market, and Mentors. Celebrating 20 years of new business success, UVEF empowers individuals to thrive in business through potent education and networking.  Among the many benefits of a UVEF membership is admission to monthly networking events where one can enjoy a meal, a keynote speaker, and other beneficial activities.

Visit the UVEF website for more information.

Miller Business Resource Center at Salt Lake Community College is home to the Miller Business Innovation Center (MBIC), the largest publicly-funded business incubator in Utah. The MBIC currently hosts fourteen small businesses serving multiple industries. The MBRC is a great source of support for entrepreneurs and small business owners. The Miller Business Resource Center is an important connection for small business owners and event directors alike.

Visit the MBRC website for more information

‘Invented in Utah’ 2010 Gold Sponsors:

Bateman IP Law Group specializes in protecting intellectual property and in assisting clients through the various stages of intellectual property development. Members of our firm have extensive experience in a wide range of intellectual property matters, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, technology transactions (including licensing, acquisitions, and technology transfers, regulatory compliance and litigation. Our attorneys are experienced in advising clients regarding the best manner in which to protect their intellectual property.

Visit the Bateman IP Law Group website for more information.

Prosper Inc was founded in 1999, and since then has become the most trusted name in one-to-one personalized education. Since its inception, Prosper has served two equally important purposes: to help their partners reach farther with their brands, and to help their students realize their potential and achieve a better life. Prosper empowers entrepreneurs to achieve higher levels of success. Students who come into the Prosper program reach their goals with results-based education and the support of a personal mentor, as they focus on actions, not theory.

Visit the Prosper website for more information.

VPI Engineering provides full turnkey product design and development services and design engineering services for organizations that do not have available engineering resources or that need additional engineering support. VPI has extensive experience in design and engineering for a wide range of projects and products. VPI’s talented staff can provide expertise in electrical, mechanical, software, firmware, and manufacturing engineering and get your product to market quickly.

Visit the VPI Engineering website for more information.

Ensign Group International is a leading international procurement and project management company with offices in the United States and China. EGI specializes in product management solutions for high quality materials manufactured overseas. Their goal is to be a strategic partner to help customers successfully design, implement, and produce manufactured goods from start to finish. EGI is committed to developing quality products and professional relationships and to giving every customer the best international experience possible.

Visit the Ensign Group International website for more information.

Utah Machine Shops is a network of prototype and manufacturing shops from all around Utah. Each of these shops can provide you with the consulting, resources, and services you may need for the development of your ideas to the prototyping and manufacturing stages.  Through working with Utah Machine Shops, not only can you be matched up with a shop best prepared to meet your unique and specific needs, but you can be connected with a shop closest to your most convenient location. The Utah Machine Shops is a network that every inventor should be aware of.

For more information about Utah Machine Shops, contact Billy Wells at 801.972.2229

Invent-A-Part, INC is a rapid prototyping company with its headquarters in Springville, UT. We are a leading fused deposition modeling (FDM) rapid prototyping company specializing in high quality ABS prototypes. The FDM process is ideal for conceptual modeling, functional prototyping, manufacturing tools, and end-use-parts.  We provide you or your business the tools for a fast, easy and affordable rapid prototype.

Visit the Invent-A-Part, INC website for more information


Idea Mojo is not your typical product invention company that assists with perhaps bits and pieces of the process of bringing a product to market and not necessarily concerned if you are able to cross that “finish line”. Infact, Idea Mojo is the only product development company that has its own direct to consumer channel; and takes on only select projects that are ready to go from that “idea stage” all the way to launching and translating it into that ultimate goal: SALES and REVENUE.  When you work with Idea Mojo, you get to work with highly talented and experienced professionals that have successfully traveled the many paths of inventing products and bringing them to market.

Visit their new website at http:ideamojo.com today.

Design My Idea is a web-centric business that has enabled inventors across the globe to achieve their dreams through our high quality design services and turn-key solutions. Whether you need help finalizing a concept or creating a compelling brand our services are tailored to your unique position as an inventor.  Our prices are clearly defined and our desire to work with you every step of the way ensures your invention’s utmost potential.

Visit the Design My Idea Website for more information.

‘Invented in Utah’ 2010 Silver Sponsors:

SNGPR provides all aspects of strategic marketing and public relations. We combine the key communications elements companies need to build a strong market presence in today’s fast-paced world. SNG’s goal is to build programs that stand the test of time. This means knowing who to target, when to reach out to them, how to speak to them and what angles to take. Our strategic programs create opportunities that help our clients increase sales, capture market share and provide the critical validation needed to stand above the crowd.

Visit the SNGPR website for more information.

Rushton IP services the intellectual property needs of companies and independent inventors, providing preparation and filing for patent, trademark, copyright and IP litigation. Over 15 years of engineering experience in mining and heavy industry. Patent experience includes, mechanical, electrical, microchips, microchip packaging, software, aerospace, medical, household and recreation devices. Experienced engineer, affordable attorney.

Contact Todd Rushton for your IP needs.

ISSIMO is a brand-building, creative agency.  They work with companies that love their brand and want to take it to the next level. Every business owner should have branding that they can be more than proud of. ISSIMO creates eye-catching work that makes your brand beautiful on film, TV, DVD, print or Web. They understand taht big ideas deliver big results…a work of art with return on investment. Enjoy a wonderful experience with friendly people who live to make you look good by working with ISSIMO.

Visit the ISSIMO website for more information.

Pulse Interactive Media helps you gain the most from your meetings and events by providing interactive group activities using audience response systems that are designed to increase audience involvement and retention.  The data collected by their audience response systems helps your organization make strategic decisions by assessing the opinions and attitudes of your target audiences, while gauging their understanding. All voting at iiU 2010 will be brought to you by Pulse Interactive Media.

Visit the Pulse Interactive Media website for more information.

PowerStream is in the business of helping other companies develop products. Our engineers have many years of experience in a wide variety of fields. They have developed products from laser range finders to security switches. We now concentrate on helping other companies engineer their power needs–batteries, power supplies and D.C. to D.C. converters. After all, it makes sense for you to concentrate on your special expertise and let us concentrate on ours. PowerStream believes that lasting relationships are the ones that payoff.

Visit the PowerStream website for more information.

CFO Wise provides executive-level expertise on a flexible budget. By hiring them as your outsourced Chief Financial Officer (CFO), you will add business savvy, professional perspective, and credibility to your business, enabling you to effectively define and accomplish your goals and objectives. CFO Wise delivers real and powerful solutions that will make your business more efficient, more profitable, and more successful than ever before.

Visit the CFO Wise website for more information

The law firm of Kunzler Needham Massey & Thorpe provides intellectual property prosecution and litigation services for international clients including IBM, Hitachi, Cummins, and Lenovo (联想), as well as local firms such as Fusion-io and MonaVies.

Visit the The law firm of Kunzler Needham Massey & Thorpe website for more information

‘Invented in Utah’ 2010 Bronze Sponsors:

Tuscany 3D is all about meeting your prototyping needs. Along side with great mentoring and consulting from experienced professional Victor Lo Forte, Tuscany 3D offers everything from 3D printing, Fused Deposition Modeling, and CAD design services. Tuscany 3D is the perfect stop for anyone ready to accelerate their design development. Experience the benefits from turning your idea into something that you can hold, use, and test.

Visit the Tuscany 3D website for more information

Doba connects you to hundreds of wholesale distributors, manufacturers, and craftsmen. Doba gives you access to their entire drop ship inventory through Doba’s single online catalog. Whether you are an online retail veteran or have never sold anything on teh internet, you’ll notice immediately that Doba has made drop shipping simple for you. Doba has also been recognized as the most trusted drop ship solution in the industry.  Many organizations, companies and publications look to Doba as their product sourcing solution of choice.

Visit the Doba website for more information.

Startup Princess is an international network committed to Empowering Women Entrepreneurs by offering resources for women in business to support, mentor, collaborate, learn from, and inspire one another.  In 2006, after struggling to raise funding for an initial business venture, Kelly King Anderson recognized an important market niche existed for reliable resources educating women desiring to start and grow successful businesses, thus Startup Princess was developed.

Visit the Startup Princess website for more information.

The Utah Science Technology and Research initiative (USTAR) is a long-term, state-funded investment to strengthen Utah’s “knowledge economy” and generate high-paying jobs. Funded in March 2006 by the State Legislature, USTAR is based on three program areas. The first area involves funding for strategic investments at the University of Utah and Utah State University to recruit world-class researchers. The second area is to build state-of-the-art interdisciplinary facilities at these institutions for the innovation teams. The third program area involves teams that work with companies and entrepreneurs across the State to promote science, innovation, and commercialization activities. For more information, go to www.innovationutah.com or follow http://twitter.com/Innovationutah.

Capital G Design provides Logos/Branding, Web Design, Photography, and other Graphic Design services. They understands the importance of image, appearance, and style in the business world. Capital G Design will provide you with the right branding your product or business needs to achieve the right identity and reputation in the market.  Make sure your logo and website represent you and your business the right way.

Visit the Capital G Design website for more information

‘Invented in Utah’ 2010 Event Sponsors:

Noah’s is a multi-use facility for all life’s events. Perfect for everything from weddings, conferences, business parties, family reunions, concerts, youth events and more. Noah’s currently has two Utah locations: Lindon and South Jordan. Each of these unique locations are conveniently located in the heart of Utah Valley near freeway exits making for easy access as well as simple directions for you and all of your attendees. All of this combined with the great customer service of their management makes Noah’s a great venue. Choose Noah’s for your next event.

Visit the Noah’s website for more information




2010 Sponsors are still being finalized. If interested in a iiU 2010 Sponsor position, please Contact Us today.